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Your talent and your fans are your two biggest assets. You need both to have a music career.

Cultivating a strong fan base is a must to make a career as an artist. We handle all of the promoting and marketing to get your name out there, concerts sold out, and albums sold.

Marketing & Promoting

How is this different from album fundraising, concert management and fan building?

As a label, Blue Tree Records will handle the following marketing tasks:

  • Contacting fans on a consistent basis via email, social media & text.

  • Develop and maintain relationships with booking agents.

  • Placement for TV and film music submissions for music supervisors from artist catalog.

  • Creating and posting videos on social media platforms including YouTube, Vimeo and Blue Tree's website.

  • Implementation and management of YouTube monopolization.

  • Licensing and distribution release of artist's music.

  • Artist web site design, creation and optimization.

  • Setting annual strategies and creating a marketing plan.

  • Annually setting an achievement timeline.

  • Help with posting and maintaining a blog.

  • Update and manage artist's online merchandise store.

  • Schedule and setup live interactive video interviews.

  • Create fundraising campaigns and direction.

  • Schedule radio and podcast interviews.

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From social media management and implementation to YouTube monetization to radio and podcast interviews Blue Tree knows the industry and what it takes to get you noticed and your shows sold out.

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