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Sat, Jan 14th > Artist Showcase
Location: Martinez Jr. High Theatre

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About Anitra

Blue Tree Record Records recording artist and powerhouse singer/song writer, Anitra Lewis, is releasing her new World-Beat, R&B, Jazz Fusion CD, “Samba Samba.” Hailing from Oakland, the audience-captivating performer has worked
with numerous top-tier producers, on Quincy Jones Productions, Inc. She is known as a highly professional talent with both technical skills and soul. 

Anitra became inspired to pursue her lifelong dream of performing on the big stage, for large screaming audiences, while singing in her 5th grade school choir. While her true passion is performing live, Anitra’s explosive talent has not been limited to singing, as she draws, paints, and began making her own clothing line.

Touring with Bob Hobe, Anitra’s mother demonstrated that hard work leads to success. Anitra’s singing career blossomed working with Ray Gardener from Gardner-Champoux Music Productions. Her Sausalito Moon CD, with Blue Skies 707 group, hit the top of several MP3 charts, and the hit single “Samba Samba” made the top 10 in the Brazilian charts.

Now Anita has invented her own original World-Beat Jazz Fusion R&B style, available on a beautifully written and produced CD that takes the listener on a seemingly visual journey with mesmerizing rhythms & Blues soundscapes. Her “Samba Samba” CD is an expression of her new direction in life. Anitra’s singles and songs featured on albums showcase Jazz fusion, world rhythms, film-scores, arranging and captivation, and neo soul jazzy melodies is capturing a broad audience crossing over into US radio markets for Afro-Latin/ R&B Jazz/Soul/, as well as internationally.

Anitra’s astonishing video, as she captivated the Audience of over 20 thousand at Michael Bublé’s concerts, at the Oakland Coliseum went viral in a matter of seconds through his fans. Anitra is currently planning for an upcoming tour of major cities in the US and internationally. Anitra is currently working on her 4 th CD
scheduled for release at the end of 2022.

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