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Be loved.

Your talent and your fans are your two biggest assets. You need both to have a music career.

Cultivating a strong fan base is a must to make a career as an artist. We handle all of the promoting and marketing to get your name out there, concerts sold out, and albums sold.

Marketing & Promotion

Aligns and enhances fundraising opportunities, fan growth, and fan subscriptions.

As a label, Blue Tree Records will handle the following marketing tasks:

  • Contacting fans on a consistent basis via email, social media & text.

  • Creating and posting videos on social media platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Twitter.

  • Licensing and distribution release of artist's music.

  • Artist web site design, creation and optimization.

  • Setting annual strategies and creating a marketing plan.

  • Annually setting an achievement timeline.

  • Schedule and setup live interactive video and podcast interviews.

  • Create fundraising campaigns and direction.

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