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Michael Thomas Peterson

Engineer, Music Producer and founder of Blue Tree Records.


In his youth, Michael started out as trumpet player being influenced by Miles Dave's and then transitioning to Jazz Piano. He made his living as a solo pianist and singer in the early days of his career. Latter finding himself drawn to how commercial records were made he transitioned into music production. Mentored by greats such as Louise Biancaniello, Grammy award winner and platinum record producer, and Norman Kern, commercial recording engineer and mixer for major labels cemented his foundation as an engineer and record producer. After working in other commercial recording studios he opened his own commercial recording studio called Harvest Moon Studios. After spending months recording and producing an artist's  album their project would come to an end and he or she would often ask for help and guidance on how to promote and release it while building his or her career as an artist. Being in the industry and seeing artist's careers were not properly being taken care of Michael decided to start his own record label and have autonomy and creative control so that he could better help his artists he was producing for. Hence Blue Tree Records was formed. Michael felt that there was a need for artist development to guide them in marketing, promotions and fundraising so their carers could organically grow and have longevity as a recording artist and performer. Michael's mission is to sign and develop truly gifted artists for the world to hear.

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