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Your Engineer & Producer

Michael Thomas Peterson will work closely with you to help you achieve your dreams.

Michael Adds Value and Expertise to Any Production

Song Writing

Melody & Chord Structure:

He will write a melody and chord structure that supports the vision of your song and concept.

Song Structure: Creating a song structure that includes intros, verses, pre-choruses, hooks, bridges, outros and endings.

Custom Song Arrangements & Beats

Choosing Instruments & Sounds: He will choose a palate of sounds and instruments that describe your unique brand and style of music.

Original Arrangements & Beats: Together with you he will create an original musical arrangement or beat. Custom songs you can call your own   No samples or pre-recorded beats will be used.

Vocal Coaching

Sing Your Melodies with Ease: He will work closely with you on your pitch, intonation and melody. Focusing on the story telling piece and moving the your listeners emotionally through your song. He will also create harmonies and counter melodies giving your song a style of its own.

Mixing and Mastering

Mixing Your Songs: Michael will mix your songs so they can compete commercially on the open market. Mastering at broadcast levels for CDs, streaming and file sharing.

"As your engineer I will take care of all the technical details for you so you can concentrate on what’s most important, your voice."

As an Engineer, Michael is The Leader

A Few of His Clients

#2  At Console.jpg
Your Sound Engineer

Meet Michael Thomas Peterson

Michael will ensure that the following are always set up perfectly to capture the best sound possible.

  • Microphone Placement - Your microphones will be set up for the best possible tones and presence.

  • Setting the Proper Levels - Michael will ensure that your vocals are recorded at optimum dB levels using compression and equalization so your voice can be heard.

  • Editing Your Vocals - We will edit and compile all of your vocal takes and tune them to meet industry standards.

Our Equipment

  • Slate Raven MTZ

Outboard Preamps and Compressors
  • Universal Audio 601B

  • Neve 1272

  • HHB Radius 4 CH

  • Grace 101 (2)

  • Peavey VMP ( 2)

  • Universal Audio  1176

  • Symetrix 525

  • Beringer 1953 T 2CH

Software Plugins
  • Pro Tools 2021.7

  • Slate Vintage Bundle

  • Melodyne

  • Antares Auto Tune

  • Kush Audio

  • Eventide Library

  • Ozone 9

  • Real ADT

  • Abbey Road

  • Scheps Omni Channel

  • Howard Bensons

Tape Machines
  • MTZ MS 16 1inch

  • Sony Dat Machine

  • Tascam D-88

  • Teac Cassette Deck

Outboard Reverbs and Delays
  • Lexicon PCM80

  • Eventide Reverb 2016

  • Rolland SRV 3030 Reverb

  • Rolland SDE Delay

  • Rolland SRV 3030 Reverb

  • JV2080

  • Alses DM5

Programing Software
  • Omisphere

  • Halion 6

  • Kontakt

  • Bassaliciouse

  • Trillian

  • Slate

  • Slate VSX

  • Genelec 1030A (2) and 1092A Subwoofer

  • Lawson L251 Audio Vacuum Tube Condensor

  • Audio Technica 4050  (2)

  • AKG 414

  • AKG C100 (2)

  • Sennheiser 421

  • Electro Voice RE20

  • Sennheiser MD504 (4)

  • AKG D12

  • Audix 6

  • Audix D2

  • Audix D4

  • Sure SM57 (2)

  • Sure SM58 (2)

  • Pro Tools 2021.7

  • Yamaha P80 Weighted Controller 88 keys

  • M Audio Key Station

  • Audix D4

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