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"Wy Disquiet" better known as Wyatt Hardtke is an up-and-coming rapper out of Auburn, California. His career began shortly after he released his debut single which led him to join the record label "Blue Tree Records.” “Wy Disquiet" is known for having complex lyrics and wordplay, along with intense and powerful instrumentals, which all come together to create his unique sound. 

Wy Disquiet created his name and brand with the intention of having multiple meanings. The word "Wy" is a shortened version of his name and reflects his first persona representing his positive and outgoing side. The word "Disquiet" means a feeling of anxiety and worry representing his negative, or evil side, that exposes the harshness and sense of anxiety that he brings to his other persona. The definitive meaning of his name, when his two personas are joined together, “Wy Disquiet,” translates to “Why Worry.”

The message behind his brand and music is two-fold; the first is to instill the idea that life is too short to be stressed about everything and sweat the small stuff. Secondly, he asks himself and others, why his music is quiet, meaning not loud or not heard by a larger audience. His debut album “Split” is explaining his two personalities and the conflict between them. He describes how many people focus on the battles and conflicts with others, when in reality, the biggest conflict each of us have is with ourselves. You are the only one holding yourself back from the goals and achievements you want to achieve. 



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