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House Concerts

House Concerts are personal, private performances held in the comfort of someone's living room, back yard, clubhouse, etc.  What we are talking about is a completely unique experience....your very own "private" show.  A party with live music is just that, a "party", and the music is secondary.  A House Concert is a "Concert"!  Your very own intimate, private show by a top tier band or performer.  Your guests will walk away with the feeling they have been part of something special.  And it's easy!

The House Concert is an invite only event. The number of guests in attendance is limited only by the
size of the host's venue. Guests are requested to pre-pay ($20.00 per person) to reserve their seats.
This is imperative as most home venues have very limited seating. In some circumstances, the host may
elect to pre-pay a flat fee (pre-arranged with management) in lieu of having their guests cover their own admission.
Guests are encouraged to arrive one hour before the show. At this time the host will provide guests with
snacks and/or refreshments as guests arrive and mingle. The performer(s) and/or band(s) will have
assembled a concession table, stocked with CDs, T-shirts, Posters, etc., and guests are free to peruse
and/or purchase items before showtime. The host may also wish to provide a smoking area. It is
strongly suggested this area be situated well away from the food and drink area, stage, seating, and concession table.

10 minutes prior to showtime, guests are asked to be seated (yes, everyone has a seat!). Once
everyone is seated, the host will make a brief speech welcoming everyone and explaining the itinerary
for the afternoon/evening. The content of the speech will be discussed and ironed out with band
management well in advance of the Concert date, so there is no guesswork on behalf of the host.
After the "Welcome" speech, the show will begin. If there is an opening act, they will perform a short set,
approximately 20 minutes, followed by a brief intermission. Guests may want to use this time for a quick
bathroom break. At the host's discretion, the bar, concession table and smoking area may be re-opened
briefly. The intermission should last about 10 minutes, after which time guests are once again asked to
be seated, and the bar, concession table and smoking area are again closed. The host now introduces
the Headliner, and the main show begins. The Headliner's set will last approximately 60 to 90 minutes.
At the end of the show, the host will acknowledge the Headliner and the opener, and once again thank
the guests for coming. At this time, the concession table will re-open. Performers will be available to
sign autographs, answer questions, pose for pictures, kiss babies, etc.
After the performance, the host may choose to re-open the bar or provide coffee and/or finger desserts.
The Post Concert Meet and Greet will last approximately one hour, after which time the performers will
take their leave.

It's as simple as that!


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