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Artist Development Auditions

Auditions will be held on October 7th

If you are passionate about signing with a record label, look no further!

Blue Tree Records is looking to increase the number of artists on our label. Our goal with hosting these auditions is to connect with likeminded artists, that we can work closely with moving into the future.

All participants will be evaluated on an individual basis. If desired, participants can receive an evaluation of various qualities of their performance.

  • Sign up early to hold you audition spot. 

  • Submission Fee is $25, the deadline for submissions is October 5th, 2023.

  • Every applicant will be contacted no later than October 5th, 2023.

  • Upon approval, you will receive a sign-in time and performance block, and a link to purchase tickets for your time block. Attendee tickets are $10 each and are limited to 6 per performer.

  • Auditions will be held at the Harvest Moon Studios, 505 Estudillo Street, Suite 9, Martinez CA 94553

Sign-Up Right Now!


Registration & Entry Fee

  • Registration fee is $ 25.00  and is non refundable.

  • You may have a sponsor or parent pay for the registration fee.

  • After your entry form and registration fees ($25 per applicant) are received and accepted you will be notified on 10/3 with a sign-in time and performance block. You can then purchase tickets for friends and family once you know your performance block. Attendee tickets are $10 each and are limited to 6 per registrant. The link to purchase tickets will be in the email sent to you notifying you of your performance block.

Agreement & Conditions

Please make sure all boxes are filled in along with requested music, video and links to properly qualify for your audition.

Audition participants will acknowledge there are risks associated with this event. Which includes, but are not limited to personal injury, risk of loss or damage of personal property. Audition participants voluntarily enter the Blue Tree Records Live auditions for vocalist’s event and in doing so assume all of these risks. Audition Participants upon entry of this  live audition for vocalists event  and upon signing this form herby agrees  to wave and release  Blue Tree Records and the Campbell Theater and all its board , directors volunteers , sponsors, vendors as well as any of their and successors from any liabilities of any kind arising from this event. Audition participant herby swears that to the best of their knowledge they are mentally fit to perform at this event.

For your performance proper attire is requested as this a family show audition. Alcohol, drugs and/or tobacco or any pyrotechnics are not permitted.

By signing and submitting this form. I agree and will adhere to the Blue Tree Records Live auditions for Vocalists conditions and requirements.

Thanks For your Payment - We will email you with instructions shortly!

If you have trouble submitting the form please refresh this page and try a second time. If you are still having issues please call us at 925-586-8948

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Tickets for Guests of Performers

Performers will get an email on 10/1 that will outline what day they are performing, when they need to sign-in that day, and the block of time their performance will take place.


In that email, there will be a link to purchase tickets. The performer can then purchase tickets for friends and family for their performance block. Attendee tickets are $10 each and are limited to 6 per performer.

If there are extra tickets you may be able to purchase tickets at the door but we highly encourage you to purchase your tickets online before they sell out.

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